In the Beginning...

Charlie Dunn was born and raised in Yorktown, Virginia the youngest of four boys.  He was probably about five years old when his older brother exposed him to playing music.  His brother played the drums and guitar showing him to a new world of artists that Charlie had never heard.

One of those artists happened to be Elvis Presley. Once Charlie heard his first Elvis song he begged his mother to buy Elvis's album .  Elvis In Person at the International Hotel.  Charlie took the opportunity to wear the record out, listening to songs over and over doing his best to emulate his idol.

While Charlie admired The King, he was very shy and it would be high school before he showed off his talent for singing.

Charlie's first Singing gig happened as a result of him missing a Senior Class Day planning meeting, where his fellow committee members conveniently volunteered Charlie to be the  opening musical act as Jake Blues of the famous Blues Brothers. It was Charlie's first show, where he learned how fulfilling performing could be, however it would be three years before Charlie  had the opportunity to pay tribute to his idol... Elvis Presley.

He decided he wanted to be Elvis for Halloween and promptly enlisted his mom to make him a jumpsuit fit for a King.  He was approached at the Halloween party by an individual seeking an Elvis Impersonator, and agreed to perform for a local business.  Word of mouth spread about the performance and other engagements soon followed.

Charlie has developed into an extremely versatile Elvis Tribute Artist, able to perform all eras of Elvis's career, including The Classic 1950's Young Elvis, The Movies Elvis, The 1968 comeback Elvis, and of course the infamous Jumpsuit Elvis.  Charlie's voice is rich and naturally lends itself to Elvis's singing style.